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Re: [T3] Newbie--FI advice needed--Jim Adney

On 16 Feb 2005 at 15:29, Jim Showker wrote:

> The sequence we heard was not this.  it was (from the front) whir (maybe 2
> seconds), Click.  Then from the back a soft click about 1.5 seconds later.

This is puzzling, but I think you must have missed the very first click. The 
first click actually happens the instant you turn the key on, THEN you hear the 
whir, then the second click (and the whir stops.)

The first click is actually TWO relays closing at the same time: one under the 
back seat, and the other under the dash. The second click is the one under the 
dash releasing. Your third click is on the engine.

Does this sound like what you have?

I'm guessing that the soft click from the back is from the engine compartment 
and that this is a '72 or '73 with EGR. The EGR has a separate timer which I'm 
gonna ignore for purposes of the FI, as they are not interconnected.

So..., it sounds like this is working correctly, but tell us what year this is 

> There are two sensors disconnected and connected to the pots on the dash.

Check the sensors with an Ohmmeter. Anything other than zero or infinity is 
likely to be good. Replace any that are not good (I have them if you can't find 
them locally) and then reconnect.

Make sure the pressure sensor hose is connected on both ends. You could put a 
clean hose on the pressure sensor and suck on it, just to verify that it holds 
vacuum; you don't want it to leak, at least not too much.

> We got it started. It runs very rich, that chug chug type of running, with
> lots of smoke and smell of gas.  At a high idle we measured 15.31v at the
> generator big post and 14.09 volts at the battery. 

Voltage sounds good. I'm actually surprised that it's that high at a mere high 
idle, but this sounds good.

Unplug the cold start valve, just to remove that as a possible source of a 
problem. If that seems to fix it, then we should look into that further just to 
make sure that you've corrected the WHOLE problem.

Jim Adney, jadney@vwtype3.org
Madison, Wisconsin, USA

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