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Re: [T3] A few stock F.I. fuel pump questions

If you're going to try to use the FI pump with carbs,
you will most definitely need a return line into the
tank, as the FI pump will produce a LOT more fuel than
you'll need with carbs, and you cannot pump against a
"dead head" with this pump.  Excess fuel has to go
somewhere, so you'll need to use the return.

I'd advise against NOT trying to use the FI pump with
carbs.  I'd get a lower-volume pump and either put the
FI pump on the shelf for the day you decide to hook up
FI, or sell it.  

--- Mysterious J <mysteriousj@snet.net> wrote:

> I just picked up a stock F.I. fuel pump for our
> Fastback, and I have a 
> few questions about it:
> 1. I think I read something about this earlier on
> the list, but a quick 
> scan through subject lines didn't net me an answer. 
> Will the stock 
> pump, properly regulated, work with carbs?  I figure
> if I go this route 
> now, potentially going back to F.I. at a later date
> will be that much 
> easier.
> 2. Will I need a fuel return fitting on my gas tank?
>  I still have the 
> return line through the tunnel, but I have it capped
> on both ends.  When 
> I had the gas tank cleaned I had them weld up the
> return fitting.
> 3. Does anyone have an extra fuel pump pigtail?  The
> car came without a 
> stock fuel pump, so I cut the pigtail off to install
> an a loud obnoxious 
> aftermarket fuel pump.  I can't remember if I kept
> the pigtail, but I 
> doubt it.
> Jim
> '68 Fastback
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