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[T3] AAD and fuel pump operation fixed!

<x-flowed>Use this as a reference:

I tested the fuel pump relay and determined it was working properly. Checking for resistance/voltage on the wires showed the following:
Terminal #87 with two red wires-
One wire showed some resistance and the other had infinite. Since I had the fuel pump unplugged that would be my infinite reading and the other my AAR.
Terminal #86-
No voltage. Ignition turned to ON and 12v.
Terminal #85-
Infinite resistance and no voltage readings.
Terminal #30/51-
So all this told me that the wire connecting to terminal #85, the gray wire, wasn't connected to the FI brain. Remembering that I had an open gray wire in the engine bay I began looking for a matching connector. Behind the intake distributor, below the #3 intake runner, was a single terminal connector with a white wire going into it. I checked continuity on that wire with the front and I got a nice, loud BEEEEEEEP -- continuity! I connected the gray wire to it, removed my hot wire to the fuel pump and plugged in the original plug and turned the key to on. The fuel pump ran!!!

Next, I put my volt meter to the wire for the AAR and started the car. +12volts! I connected the power wire back to it and let the car idle and the suction on the AAR gradually reduced. Not completely...maybe with some driving it would? We'll have to see later. After the engine had been idling for several minutes I adjusted the rpm to 950-1000rpm. Generator output is +14.5v. Some idling wavering, though. I should note that the rebuilder failed to install the engine cooling thermostat <grumble grumble> and I can't tell if the flaps are installed or not; the flap rod is installed.

Okay, so that problem is solved. Still haven't hooked up the FI tester yet :-( Oh, I did have time to get the front end lubed up :-) Need to hit the FLAPS for some zirk fitting covers, they were pretty caked up in gunk.

   Toby Erkson  --  air_cooled_nut@pobox.com
   Two '72 VW Squarebacks, '95 VW Jetta ~ WIP, '81 Gold Wing, '73 Porsche 914
   Portland, Oregon

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