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Re: [T3] Pulling 1600 - was Newbie with ques

> > I don't know what the "other stuff" is, but there is certainly no need
> > pull the engine to replace the heater boxes. BTDT.
> Unless those nuts were on there fresh, I'd pull the engine. I usually have
> torch the nuts to get them free, and that's a bit scary in the car, with
> gas line right there. It also helps if the engine breast plate is removed,
> that is hard with the engine in place.
> Daniel, are all your bolts rust free? Those are a real problem for those
of us
> in parts of the world with real winters.

I had no trouble removing any of the nuts. This time I wasn't expecting any
trouble since I only put the muffler on about a month ago. However I didn't
have any trouble last time either, when I removed the old muffler, which had
presumably been on there for several years. I removed the old muffler and
heater boxes with a hacksaw, so I had a good straight shot at all of the
nuts with a ratchet and extension.

We have nothing over here that you would consider a winter; no ice, no snow
(except in more hilly regions like Jerusalem) and no salt on the roads. It
rains quite a lot (much more than in e.g. southern California), but then it
doesn't rain at all between about May and October, giving everything plenty
of time to dry out.


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