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Re: [T3] Sheet metal

<x-flowed>It's kind of difficult to photograph my mods for Dells
and short CB manifolds.I simply cut the bottom of the tin
covers that were formally for around the fuel injection
intake manifold tubes.I left enough material there so that
the rubber plugs for the sparkplug wires could still seal.
I would assume that you modded a single port?

David V.Nelson Darkside ' 69 VW Fastback
'86 GW
'93 Firehawk
'90 Escort

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Subject: [T3] Sheet metal

Hi All

Well, check out the new art work courtesy of John Jarason at the SUDAMA website. Click on the green Notch. It is VERY COOL!!

I am converting my engine from a single carb to a dual carb, carbs thanks to John as well. I had to modify the sheet metal. The opening around the plugs and carbs is now quite large. I am wondering if there is a cover plate that I will need. If so does anyone have a photo or drawing with some dimensions that I could use to make my own? The engine is almost together - more updates on the site for those curious...


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