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Re: [T3] Aux. air device (AAD) (was just for autos)

OK, so I'm familiar with a couple of the AAR devices
seen on some D-Jet and lots of L-Jet cars, but I've
never seen one like the one on my new-to-me '69 MT
Square.  It's just a nub with what the manual says is
a temp sensor stuck on the case near the distributor. 

The manual is non-too-detailed on this thing, and mine
doesn't appear to work.  It appears to be stuck open,
as pinching off the inlet line makes no difference,
cold or hot.  I have to hold the throttle open for
awhile cold.

Can the little cover held on with two flat-head screws
be removed safely?  What am I likely to find in there?
 I assume this uses oil temp to open and close?  Does
"temp sensor II" also measure oil temp (not air temp,
as the later cars do)?

There's also no cold-start valve present, and the
manual hints it wasn't always fitted.  Not really a
problem here in NoCal unless I go up to Tahoe or

--- Jim Adney <jadney@vwtype3.org> wrote:

> On 15 Feb 2005 at 18:30, Toby Erkson wrote:
> > Okay, how does this damn thing work?
> It's the Aux. Air Regulator (AAR)
> It's a temperature sensitive valve: Open when cold,
> closed when warm. It has a 
> built in electric heater to warm it up.
> > My hoses are connected correctly.  There is a red
> wire attached to the 
> > bottom of it -- good, as that's what the automatic
> model is supposed to 
> > have.
> The red wire should have 12V on it any time the fuel
> pump is running. The other 
> end of that wire goes to the fuel pump relay. Make
> sure it's actually connected 
> there, and connected in a way that gives the proper
> end result.
> > I can completely close the idle bypass...nothing
> happens to the engine 
> > idle.  If I open up the idle bypass the rpm
> increase.
> > 
> > If I clamp off the hose from the air cleaner to
> the AAD (or pull off the 
> > hose and seal it with my thumb).  The engine dies.
> Sounds like all the idle air is coming in thru the
> > This is with the engine cold as well as warmed up.
>  What gives?  How is 
> > it supposed to work and how does one test it?  I'm
> thinking that once 
> > the engine is warmed up the AAD would close, no
> longer allowing air to pass.
> Sounds like it isn't closing. Make sure the 12V is
> there. Or the valve could 
> just be sticky. If it's stuck and stays that way
> thru several warmup cycles, 
> try putting several drops of oil down its throat.
> Otherwise, you can't take 
> them apart without destroying them.
> If it has power and yet still doesn't heat up, then
> the heating element may be 
> opened up. You could try to measure its resistance.
> I don't recall what it is 
> supposed to be, but it is probably somewhere between
> 10 and 30 Ohms.
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