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Re: [T3] Do you all name your cars?

my squareback is named hillary. the car used to belong
to my sister-in-law, and she named 'her'. 

and, just because i'n the president of the pathetic
club, i'm still looking for a name for my new jetta
wagon. :o)

'71 squareback AT FI "hillary"
'04 jetta wagon "?"

<DIV><BR><BR><B><I>Mysterious J
<mysteriousj@snet.net></I></B> wrote:</DIV>
<BLOCKQUOTE class=replbq style="PADDING-LEFT: 5px;
MARGIN-LEFT: 5px; BORDER-LEFT: #1010ff 2px solid">I
used to name my cars until I thought about it one day
and realized it <BR>was pointless, since they never
come when you call them.<BR><BR>True
story.<BR><BR>Jim<BR>'68 Fastback<BR><BR><BR>John
Fessenden fess wrote:<BR><BR>><BR>><BR>> So,<BR>><BR>>
do you all name your cars?<BR>><BR>> donald, elwood,
heather, sophie, ???, ...<BR>><BR>> I admit, having a
name for a car makes it much easier to talk about on
<BR>> a mailing list, so after seeing so many peoples
cars personified with <BR>> names, and having to type
"my '67 square", "my '72 square", I <BR>> thought
about giving them names. But then it also seems weird
to me <BR>> to name them.<BR>><BR>> hmm.<BR>><BR>> are
there more boy or girl type III's?<BR>> are square's
more often girls or boys? notches?
fastbacks?<BR>><BR>> How do these names come
about?<BR>><BR>> I guess if names come to me that I
feel comfortable with, I would like <BR>> to use
them.<BR>> [ it is the cool thing to do after all.
]<BR>><BR>> --fess<BR>><BR>><BR>><BR>>
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