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Re: [T3] Fan housing

--- Steven Ayres <comwest@att.net> wrote:
> Yes, the fan is steel, and if you're thinking of
> building one with 
> lighter materials, you get credit for high ambition,
> at least. Quite a 
> project.

And a fairly dangerous one.  I'd not want to be
standing anywhere near a car with an experimental fan
turning 4000rpm or so.  Steel is used primarily
because the fan has to be fairly strong.  You might be
able to make a carbon fiber fan if you have access to
an autoclave and know structures and materials pretty
well, but it would be a very ambitious project. 
Shaving a bit of weight here isn't going to pay off
much.  Most of the power sapped by the fan is consumed
by the air it has to push around, not by the mass of
the fan itself.  The overall weight of the engine
package would barely be affected by even cutting the
weight of the fan in half.

Replacing some of the engine tin with lightweight CF
or fiberglass might pay off a bit, but it would still
be a fairly small benefit.  The cooling provided by
the stock setup CAN be improved substantially (note
the vast difference in head temps between the right
and left banks of cylinders), and improving the
cooling can lead to other tuning techniques can be
exploited (like higher compression).

Part of the problem with trying to save weight in
air-cooled VW engines is they're already very light.  

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