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Re: what is DARKSIDE?

Give in to the powers of the darkside "Darth Vader" -What a great man!

  Darksiders are wonderfully evil people "gwah ha ha ha" we see a type 3 , or any VW for that matter and say, sure the factory did good, BUT WE CAN DO BETTER!! lol...  Someone gave there car as a discription of a darkside car. Me personally I own a darkside and a lightside car. 69 Fastback in primer black "HAIL DARTH VADER!!" what...   anyways... And a 68 fuel injected squareback which by the way Mr. Adney is running great now. Did a tune up and replaced the voltage regulator. and now runs like a top... even though it is painfully slow.. compared to donoald.
Darkside Donoald-
1914CC dual 36 dellorto's  (upgrading to aluminum case and 74mm crank with 1.25-1 ratio rockers and engle 140 cam, mmmm 2054CC ...my biggest motor yet!) full flowed , stock cooler in place , aux 96 plate mesa cooler and fan, thermostaticly controlled.
he was a auto car, since then cut tunnel and installed 4 speed when auto died and didnt have the money to keep him stock...(the darkside flows within this one)
future mods include , 18' Porsche sport classic 2 rims, 4 wheel disc , larger master cylinder , late 944 porsche Brembo brakes up front. this car wasnt meant to be a drag car.. it would hold its own , but its not too much fun to go in a straight line all day.... its my cheap porsche!!! lmao.. but i love volkswagens more so than if i could actually get a porsche.

Trevor Cleveland
Carson City, NV
69 Fasty "Donoald"
68 Square "havent thought of a name yet"

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