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Re: [T3] Newbie with question on stock FI

Didn't the VW dealerships have a habit of replacing/rebuilding parts that
> were worn out without always telling the owners though?  I have heard this
> in the past.  It made their vehicles seem to be better mechanically than
> expected.
> - Everett

  I don't know about that, but I do know a funny story along the same lines.

 Back in 1961 a guy who worked at ABC in Hollywood got himself a
new VW and drove it to work.  He was showing it off to his friends and
bragging about the great mileage he was going to get, he figured he'd get
close to 30 mpg.

Now I don't know if you remember the early VW's, but they had no gas gauge,
just a reserve handle you could switch when you started to run out of gas,
to get to the last 1.2 gal in the tank.

His friends thought they'd have a little fun so every couple of days one of
them would bring a couple gallons of gas to work in a gas can, and when the
victim was busy they open the bonnet and pour it in his tank.

Well, he started bragging about his gas mileage, hell, he was still on the
1st tank he got with the car.  He'd compute his mileage, saying something
like, "you know that car only holds 10 gallons, I must be getting at least
50 mpg."  This continued until he was bragging at close to 100 miles per

One day, one of his friends couldn't help himself, he started snickering,
and before you knew it, all the friends were in gales laughter, some of them
practically rolling around on the floor.  The poor guy figured it out and
it's a famous story to this day on the ABC lot.

(o:  Jim S

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