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Re: [T3] Newbie with question on stock FI

> Running rich is one of the classic symptoms that has a couple of standard,
> cheap fixes.
> First thing to do is get in the car and turn the ignition ON. You should
hear a
> relay click and then a second click about 1 second later. Between clicks
> fuel pump in front should run. If you don't hear this exact sequence then
> is a wiring problem. Let us know what you hear and we can go from there..

I will do that.

> The pots on the dash are something you should get rid of and put back to
> normal.

I planned to do just that.  I saw the pots as a fix for something that
should have been fixed properly.

> I wouldn't pull it until you get some experience with it and run it a bit.
> That's the only way that you'll know what it really needs. Otherwise you
> discover that you're removing it a second time just to correct something
> that could have been fixed the first time around.

I've pulled so many VW/Porsche engines that I don't mind it at all.  20-30
minutes and it's out.  Used to know a guy who worked on Porsches and he had
a car lift in his shop.  He could pull or refit a 912 in 7 or 8 minutes.  He
took em out to do valve adjustments and change the plugs. I'm sure it takes
a little longer with the type 3 with that rear bar mount.

> > What books are still available for the T3's,  and which would you
> This is the one you need to start with. It's still in print, but only
> printings have the wiring diagrams in color. Used ones are out there.
> Volkswagen Official Service Manual
> Type 3 Fastback and Squareback 1968-1973
> published by Robert Bentley, Cambridge, Mass, 1974
> ISBN 0-8376-0057-X / LPV 997 383 / VSQU
> (excellent book, complete and well written)
> These are very good for the FI, but are out of print and hard to find:
> Volkswagen Fuel Injection Technical Manual, forth edition
> (covers D-Jetronic Type III, IV, 914)
> published by Henry Elfrink, Los Angeles, 1972
> I may have a decent copy of each available for sale. I buy them up
whenever I
> see them, just because I don't want them to end up in the trash.

Email me off line if you would.  I'm interested.  jshowker@comcast.net

Thanks for all your help.  I will try the things you suggest when I get her
in my garage.
Thanks,  Jim
> There are other good books out there, but there are lots which are not
> buying.
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