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Re: [T3] Newbie with question on stock FI

>   Now, to my question.  My 16 year old son has decided he wants a
> Squareback.
Thats always an excellent thing to see in a kid.

 We found one for sale in nice condition, except the motor has
> 200,000 original miles on it.
Oh no it doesnt.  They dont last THAT long.  While I cant say its impossible
Id bank on it being rebuilt at least once.

It's running not well at all.  The guy says
> the fuel injection is not working properly and that it's the "brain".
Brain is actually the Least likely problem... but its also the least
understood so its the first to get blamed

> never worked on a VW EFI even once, and am wondering if these units can be
> rebuilt?
No need... Brains are common and cheap but its probably not your problem

 I know the early type 3's had carbs, but can you still get them?

Yep, but it wont run as nicely as with the FI, especially in colder

> My son is not interested in performance, he just wants a good running car
> and he likes the old look.  I can rebuild the motor etc., no problem, but
> any advice about what to do about the EFI setup would be greatly
> appreciated.

Ill send you the FAQ seperately,


> Thanks in advance,
> Jim Showker
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