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[T3] Testing

This is what I wrote back to Jim and his response:
 I think that I did manage to figure out what I was
looking at and perform 
> your test. When I open the decklid and look at the
engine on my right near 
> the airfilter and the throttle valve switch are the
intakes? They are the 
> two metal pipes that cross the engine and in front
of that attached to them 
> is a plug going into what I believe is the cold
start valve. It doesn't look 
> like what is shown in my bentley unless I'm looking
at the picture wrong. 
> When I unplug the wires that go into the plug? there
and turn the ignition I 
> hear the fuel pump.

Did you hear the relay click, the ~1 second pause,
then the second click?

There are 4 intake runners, one for each cylinder. The
cold start valve is 
UNDER the inner end of the two on the right. The plug
that is to the rear (rear 
is rear) of those pipes is the throttle valve switch.

The Bentley manual has good pictures of all these
parts, but it does take some 
getting used to.

Jim on the passenger side of the intake runners there
is a small piece that looks like it's about a quater
inch in diameter and it has two wires that plug into
it. This is what I thought was the cold start valve. I
don't see it in the picture in the Bentley so I
coulnd't be sure. When I look under the runners on
that side I see a threaded piece of tin that looks as
though something should be screwed into it but isn't.
It looks like a washer that is attached to the car
almost. Any ideas?

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