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Re: [T3] Elwood's engine back in!!!

On 15 Feb 2005 at 6:38, Dave Pallo wrote:

> [[[ It joins the FI wiring harness on the left side. There should be a 
> single wire coming out of there with a plastic shield over it.]]]

> What color wire is it coming from the harness?...the brown factory plastic 
> shield is still attached to the sensor (wire broke just after that). The 
> only single wire I see coming out of the harness in the area you say is a 
> white wire, but I thought this white wire was a ground connection to the 
> base of the pressure sensor?

Late harnesses do indeed have another wire in that area which is just a ground 
for the PS body. That wire ends in a female spade connector. That wire goes to 

The wire for the head temp sensor ends in a male spade connector covered by a 
yellow/brown plastic cover.

> [[[Yes, right. That was for the decel valve. You can use that, or just 
> block it off.]]]

> What was it's purpose? Did it slow down how rapidly the engine went from 
> running to idle speed? I know vacuum is the heart of engines, so I wonder 
> if removing this decel valve plays any other role for my '72?

It's a device that limits the intake vacuum. If you're running fast and just 
let your foot off the gas, this will reduce engine braking and make the car not 
slow down so fast by opening and admittin g extra air into the intake.. All 
engines tend to put out more unburned hydrocarbons at this time, so admitting 
extra air keeps them burning.

They are probably somewhat effective, but they tend to get out of adjustment 
and I find the lack of engine braking annoying.

Jim Adney
Madison, WI 53711-3054

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