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Re: [T3] Thank you

On 14 Feb 2005 at 22:55, Rhiannon Maple wrote:

> Not only did he find the problem but told me about how I could not make the
> same mistake in the future and tested my generator. We established that it is
> putting out no power at all. It's the "I can't give you possible ideas of a
> start point for the problem" that gets me. 

The charging system consists of only 3 parts: the generator, the voltage 
regulator, and the wiring between them. It is easy to test the generator by 
itself, and if this is what he did, then you now know that the problem is in 
the generator itself. 

If he didn't do that (you have to actually disconnect some wires and then run 
the engine with those wires disconnected to do this test) then he probably just 
checked the charging system as a whole. From your description it sounds like he 
dosen't understand generator charging systems, which is not too unusual since 
no cars have used them for 30+ years.

If you have a voltmeter and some time I can send you my charging system FAQ 
which will guide you thru the troubleshooting yourself.

> You're right in that I doubt my abilities with this car. Part of that is the
> fuel injection system. I went from a 70 automatic beetle stock engine to a 72
> f/i squareback. If I can figure out what I'm looking at and correlate that
> with the manual then I can work on it. I did most of my basic work on my
> beetle myself. I got the front brakes repaired on my other squareback but I'm
> a little lost on the rears. I have the Bentley, Haynes, and the How to keep
> your VW Alive manuals and reference them in turn. 

You have the right attitude, and with the help of this list you can work your 
way thru each of your problems. Just focus on one problem at a time and that 
will make it seem a lot simpler. There is plenty of help here for the FI and 
it's not really all the complicated. You have the right manuals, and their 
importance is in the order you listed them in. The Bentley is the best, the VW 
Alive is just for the good Karma.

> I am absolutely willing to learn and do alot of the work myself, 

In that case, you will succeed.

Jim Adney
Madison, WI 53711-3054

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