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Re: [T3] Newbie with question on stock FI

Thanks, guys.

I just walked down the hill and bought the car.  When we tried to start it a
few days ago, it wouldn't start. turned over but wouldn't light off. They
seller is convinced that there is something either wrong with the "brain" or
with the wiring.  The symptoms are that it runs rich.  He went so far as to
disconnect two sensors and mount potentiometers on the dash that he can
adjust for whatever the parameters are.  My first reaction was that there
was something wrong, as I remember reading about the EFI way back when and
how it was extremely reliable, etc. etc.  How long are the injectors good

The point about maybe not rebuilding the engine is well taken.  I could very
easily do a compression test and just pull it out, clean it up and check for
an oil cooler leak, which it looks like it has, and maybe keep running it.
I'll post more when I get a chance to really check it out.

What books are still available for the T3's,  and which would you recommend?

Thanks for the offers of help.  It will be fun to have my fingers in a VW

Jim S

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From: "Jim Adney" <jadney@vwtype3.org>
> The odds are that the actual brain is fine. If it's not, good used ones
> relatively inexpensive. There are lots of minor FI problems that this
could be
> instead, and most of them are cheap to fix. The FI runs well, works well,
> is extremely reliable, but there's a clear learning curve to getting the
> of it. It's worth it, though for this kind of use.
> If you want to switch it to carbs, they are also available and the best
> would be a set from a dual carb '67 squareback. Get EVERYTHING that you
need to
> go with it, though, from the air cleaner and fittings to the intake
> plus all the parts for the throttle linkage and the balance pipe. Don't
> it to be cheap.
> You should post your symptoms here first. Then we can help you decide how
> serious your FI problem really is.
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