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Re: [T3] Newbie with question on stock FI

On 14 Feb 2005 at 19:17, Jim Showker wrote:

>   Now, to my question.  My 16 year old son has decided he wants a
> Squareback.  We found one for sale in nice condition, except the motor has
> 200,000 original miles on it.  It's running not well at all.  The guy says
> the fuel injection is not working properly and that it's the "brain".  I
> never worked on a VW EFI even once, and am wondering if these units can be
> rebuilt?  I know the early type 3's had carbs, but can you still get them?
> My son is not interested in performance, he just wants a good running car
> and he likes the old look.  I can rebuild the motor etc., no problem, but
> any advice about what to do about the EFI setup would be greatly
> appreciated.

The odds are that the actual brain is fine. If it's not, good used ones are 
relatively inexpensive. There are lots of minor FI problems that this could be 
instead, and most of them are cheap to fix. The FI runs well, works well, and 
is extremely reliable, but there's a clear learning curve to getting the hang 
of it. It's worth it, though for this kind of use.

If you want to switch it to carbs, they are also available and the best swap 
would be a set from a dual carb '67 squareback. Get EVERYTHING that you need to 
go with it, though, from the air cleaner and fittings to the intake manifolds, 
plus all the parts for the throttle linkage and the balance pipe. Don't expect 
it to be cheap.  

You should post your symptoms here first. Then we can help you decide how 
serious your FI problem really is.

Jim Adney, jadney@vwtype3.org
Madison, Wisconsin, USA

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