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Re: [T3] Help

On 14 Feb 2005 at 16:39, Rhiannon Maple wrote:

> I need some general "what would you do" advice and maybe a new outlook.
> I spoke to the shop that did the engine transfer and they said that
> they didn't hook up the cold start hoses because the engine from the 72
> wasn't compatible with the body from the 71. Their sugestion was that
> the generator wasn't making a circuit (I left the wires detached from
> the gas guage and the spedometer after the dash fire) and that I needed
> to reconnect them to complete the circuit and figure out if the
> generator or the regulator were bad and therefor draining the battery
> (the generator is actually bad). 

Most of this is really just doesn't make any sense, but it's impossible to tell 
whether this is because the mechanic didn't know what he was doing or because 
you didn't understand his explanation.

I believe I wrote you a reply a couple of days ago. Did you read that and do 
any of the simple tests that I suggested? We can't help you unless you are 
willing to do some minor help yourself, and those tests just consisted of 
making some straightforward observations. 

Do the tests, note the results, and get back to us. Most of these problems have 
simple causes and cheap, simple fixes, but you'll have to put a little time 
into this yourself if you want to get it working.

Of course, if you posted your location, you might find someone in your area who 
would be willing to help you in person.

I have a writeup that I can send you that will enable you to determine what is 
wrong with your charging system (and it certainly won't have anything to do 
with anything under your dash.) You'll need a half hour and a voltmeter to 
figure it out. Email me directly if you want a copy.

Jim Adney, jadney@vwtype3.org
Madison, Wisconsin, USA

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