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[T3] Elwood's engine back in!!!

Hey All.....well, I got Elwood's engine back in place Sunday...now I gotta 
few things to get to the bottom of.......

1. head temp. sensor.......where exactly does the single wire go to? for 
the life of me, I cannot find a "extra" wire to hook it to...I have the 
brown connector with it's spade terminals in it, but nowhere to go??? I 
have a book that says it goes to the brain, but how does it get there? (I 
can't find the answer in Bentley, either.....)

2. after talking to you all at Hershey, you have convinced me to not bother 
hooking up my cold start valve. I am not even running a fuel line to it. Is 
the valve normally closed? Is it OK to leave as is? I do not have the 
electric plug connected either (wire broke off anyway), so I'm also 
assuming this entire valve is ok to just leave as is?

3. I have a "extra" vacuum port on my air intake box. I have the dual 
distributor and Jim has instructed me as to which line goes where, but I 
still have a 3rd vacuum port. It is on the passenger side of the air intake 
box. Is this where the deceleration control valve would get it's vacuum 
from?.....if so, is this deceleration control valve worth hooking up or 

4. and now for a surely stupid question I'm sure has popped up alot 
before........how do I know which injectors get what color connector per 


Dave Pallo
Hers: '72 Square (in process)
His: '96 Impala SS....Sunny Sunday's only

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