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Re: [T3] My Automatic Square update (long)

Looks like a few people replied to me and not to the list, because my
GMail sucks. So, FYI... and to keep the discussion going...

Per Lingren says:

> Having the filter on the suction side of the pump is certainly a good
> idea, and is also how VW/Audi has done it on newer cars, with the same
> objective; keeping debris out of the pump.

James Montebello says:
> Yes.  Putting it on the suction side means you're
> restricting fuel flow to the pump, possibly causing
> starvation issues, esp. as the tank gets close to
> empty.  All that's supplying the pump is gravity and
> the mass of the fuel column above the tank outlet.
> The pump is really very robust, and it's hard to
> damage it with anything that's small enough to go
> through the lines and the sock inside the tank.
> Unless someone pours small gravel into the tank,
> you're very unlikely to damage the pump with
> unfiltered fuel.  Putting it on the pressure side
> means the pump is pushing the fuel through the filter,
> so there's no restriction problems.
> However, clogging fuel injectors is relatively easy,
> and even a tiny bit of rust flake from the inside of
> the tank can make an injector stick.  I'd remove that
> Purolator filter ASAP and replace it with a VW fuel
> injection filter.  First, the VW filter is rated for
> the pressure side of the pump.  Second, from personal
> experience I can tell you that clear filter isn't
> sufficient for filtering out small particles.  I had
> one of those on a Weber-equipped car and was
> constantly plugging idle jets from junk in the fuel
> tank.  I fit a VW FI filter and the idle jet problem
> vanished.
> I'd also run the filter as close to the injectors as
> possible.  If the fuel line begins to deteriorate
> internally, you'll catch that cruft before it clogs
> anything.
> --- Constantino Tobio <ctobio@gmail.com> wrote:
> > A lot of folks recommend putting the fuel filter on
> > the suction side
> > of the fuel pump as opposed to the discharge side.
> > The rationale being
> > that it keeps gunk from getting in the fuel pump. I
> > personally like
> > this idea. Can anyone come up with a negative?
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