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Re: [T3] Even Darth Vader had a good side (Hint: The Erkson family has a new member)

On Sat, 2005-02-12 at 23:16, Toby Erkson wrote:
> Okay, some of you are probably gonna faint when you hear this.  Okay, 
> deep breath...Today I bought a 1972 (Nov. 1971) Squareback with stock 
> fuel injection (and COMPLETE heating system and muffler), automatic 
> tranny, stock sunroof, almost perfect cargo mat, and an installed BN2 
> gas heater!
> Here's the details (and pictures are linked in there, too):
> http://www.icbm.org/erkson/personal/vw_auto_72/
> I'm going to need to replace the front fuel lines...what diameter of 
> line do I need? 

The fuel lines are 7mm originally, but 8mm/5/16" will work fine.
>  I'll also need to do some investigative work on the 
> automatic as the shifting sometimes engages hard and other times I have 
> to let off the gas to get it to up-shift (go to the next higher gear).  
> Luckily the Bentley has a decent trouble-shooting guide for the automatic.

I see the fuse holder for the kickdown, but no switch. Is the fuse
holder hooked directly to the trans??? That is a no no.

> The car is sometimes painfully slow, making me realize that my baby (my 
> first T3) is actually pretty quick for a T3.  Oops, I gotta update my 
> signatures now, rats :-D

You will get used to the lower performance of a stock engine. It is what
your father went thru, but you are too young to remember. ;=}

Russ Wolfe
'71 FB AT
'66 FB MT
'64 T34 (not running)
'65 T1 (not running)

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