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[T3] your a type 3 junky when....

This is a trail type thing, trying to add more, if anyone has ideas add too it

You know your a Type 3 junky when..

1. You see a type 3 on the side of the road and wait around to talk to the owner...   "ya wanna sell it?"

2. Your whole side yard or shed is filled with Type 3 specific parts and separated by part numbers...  "ok door handle part number 311 .... goes here"

3. You talk to your car on a regular basis and tell it you love it... like it was your girlfriend

4. Its okay for the dog to pee on your lawn, but god help it if it even looks at your type 3!!

5. You make fun of Bug's becuase there ride is uncomfortable

6. You get more excited seeing a Squareback on the freeway then you do if you saw a perfectly restored Porsche 356

You know your a Darksider if

1. you look at the engine bay and think... hey i bet a 911 motor would fit back here

2. Youve already lowered your suspension , but you want it lower.. preferably on airbags..

3. You think the superior intake system is a pair of Webers or Dellorto's 

4. Your stereo system cost you more than the entire car did when you bought it.

5. Handles shmandles.... I have remote door pops...

6. The Volkswagen script on your car is the best looking peice

7.  You purposly rev your engine at a stop light getting that Yuppie in his Corvette to try and race. (you may beat him through the light... say hello to his tail lights after that)

You know your a light sider when....

1. You think the fuel injection system is the best thing since sliced bread.

2. You think you have a far superior car than that brand new porsche sitting next to you at the light.

3. You heard the term 009 and scoffed in disqust

4. You get angry when you see a lowered type 3

5. Still cant find a good NOS set of factory shocks.

6. Your car smells like an old person , and so do you. (just kidding , dont take that one personally)


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