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Re: [T3] distributor 009

<x-flowed>Again, I looked at this quick while it was in the car, but it appeared that the housing of the 009 in our Fastback does have the oval hole that the vacuum advance rod goes through. More specifically, I was thinking that moving the 009 distributor shaft into the other housing, and/or adapt the vacuum advance distributor's breaker plate.

If I have a moment tomorrow, I'll pull the distributor out of the Fastback and take a look at it.

'68 Fastback

Russ Wolfe wrote:

On Fri, 2005-02-11 at 22:15, Mysterious J wrote:

Russ Wolfe wrote:

The 205F is NOT a centrifugal distributor. Only the early 36hp, and some
of the 1500S dist. and the FI distributors.

Hmm...is there some way to go Frankenstein on one of these distributors to combine the mechanical and vacuum advances? From the brief glance I took at the 009 in the car in the garage, it looks like the housing has provisions for the vacuum canister. No, I'm not sure how exactly this would work. I'm thinking the vacuum advance would work on the contact points plate, while the mechanical advance would work on the distributor shaft itself.

I have an 009 right here beside me, and there is no holes for the vac.
unit, and the breaker plate is one piece. (no pivot) You just as well
buy a FI dist. and be done with it.

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