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Re: [T3] distributor 009

<x-flowed>I pulled the distributor I picked up out of the box and started looking at it. The P/N is 311.905.205F. The vacuum advance is pretty obvious, but I'm not seeing any components for a mechanical advance. Am I missing something, or does this distributor have a mechanical advance? I can pull the 009 out of the car as it sits in the garage to compare/contrast, but if someone can answer this question it will save me putting my shoes on.

'68 Fastback

James Montebello wrote:

Theoretically, the advance on ANY distributor can be
adjusted, providing you can find the correct springs
and either different weights or don't mind grinding
the weights you have.  The problem these days is
finding someone with a distributor machine who also
knows how to make it go.  Pretty commonplace 20 years
ago, not so much today.

As for the vac advance, many of the carbs and
manifolds for carbs available for VWs don't have any
vacuum taps on them.  You have to add them yourself,
and typically will have to tee them together and add a
restrictor so the intake pulses from the very small
manifold volumes don't confuse the vac canister.  Most
people prefer to just disable the vac advance than go
through all that.

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