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Re: [T3] distributor 009

<x-flowed>I'm curious about a couple thing, relating to the 009 and other distributors:

1. Are the advance curves in VW distributors fixed? I fondly remember in my small block Chevy days recurving the stock or aftermarket distributors using different sized springs. I haven't looked to closely at the distributor I picked up last week.
2. Why would you want to disable/unplug the vacuum advance? Unless your cam has such a radical grind that the engine does not produce much vacuum, using the vacuum advance will make the car much more responsive (again, looking back at my SBC days)

'68 Fastback

Keith Park wrote:

Actually, its probably the least desirable one.  The advance curve is for an
early industrial engine, although there is talk that the recent repops may
have a different curve.  Im always surprized at how far the Hype has gone in
selling these.  Id try an early FI dist and simply not use the vac advance
if you dont want to.


Well, continuing on this discussion about distributors, I found in my
things a Bosch distributor with the number 0 231 178 009. I gather
that this is a centrifugal distributor which has some unique
characteristics. And it seems a desirable one. But I was reading on
another site about how to set this up and it seemed problematic. Any
advice on whether this would be a good choice for a stock dual carb
1600 engine in my T3?

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