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Re: [T3] early wheel cylinders

<x-flowed>It kinda sounds like you may have mixed front slave cylinders. 61-63 and 64-65. The physically bigger cylinders are the ones for 65, the smaller ones are earlys. A pic of what it looks like will go a long way to help solve the mystery.

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Subject: [T3] early wheel cylinders

I have a couple of questions i hope some one can help with. I have rebuilt the front wheel cylinders on my 65 square. It has the two cylinders per wheel that i just rebuilt with a kit that I thought was for this car. Now I've bled the brakes at all four wheels, get solid fluid out of them but no pressure at the pedal. Here are my thoughts...
I noticed that one cylinder is deeper than the other. Should both springs be the same length? one of mine was at least 1/2" longer than the other. Should the springs have caps on both ends or just the end that faces the rubber sealing cap/adjuster? Should the rubber caps fit tight, snug or easily move in or out? does anyone know where I can find a picture of the inside of the cylinder? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks

John 65 square  (weezer)

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