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Re: [T3] Distributor Drive Question

<x-flowed>Early T3s engine # 1-255399 used ZV/PAU4R4 and ZV/PAU4R6 dizzys. This constitutes 61-63. Ive only seen R6s used and am going to search for an R4 for my collection (just to have).

The T1 ZV/JU 4R3 does look to be used on engine # 255340-633330. Not sure if they were "N" aplication or not and or maybe low octane flat top dual carb 1500 motors. I will have a close look at my work manuals and see if any pics or verbage backs this up. Then Like Russ said the ZV/JCU 4R3 was used at the same time according to the numbers and is the only one Ive seen on original T3 1500 S motors. This carb seem to be a pretty rare bird.


Subject: Re: [T3] Distributor Drive Question

On Fri, 2005-02-11 at 06:59, Dave Hall wrote:
> .. or did some early type 3s use 111 dists? Out of those 6, two type 1 > dists
and two type 3
> dists had the retarded # 3 cam.

Checking on the engine number and parts book info it looks like the 111
distributors were used in the lower spec single carb engines, and all '65 models
had retarded #3 distribs, but not sure about '64 1500S with the 311---205R
distrib as it's not on Russ' page.

All of the '64 1500S that I have seen or heard about recently have had the ZV/JCU 4 R 3 distributor. Now, it would be nice if I could get one of the ones I have on a distributor machine and check them out. Most of the shops I know nowdays, don't even know what points are let alone have a distributor machine.

Russ Wolfe

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