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re: locking column mysterys

On 10 Feb 2005 at 16:09, LinksAirForce1@aol.com wrote:

>     By the way HELP!!! the F.I. back fires a little bit should i go
> through the normal tune up procedures??? 

<Always start with the normal tuneup items, looking for <places where it seems to 
<be out of adjustment. It might also help if you posted the <conditions under 
<which it backfires.

<Otherwise, does it seem to run well? How's the gas mileage?

 To answer Keith's question first... the engine bay is pretty immaculate for a car that hasnt had a engine rebuild since 1989. the muffler Is solid I see no signs of rust out, or such.. everything in intact back there... its the body that is not to pleasant... (rear fenders are the evil ones with stamped replacment Louvre's since the originals on the fender were stamped incorrectly (ever hear about that? pretty interesting , all seemed to be 68 Model year)) anyways back to the F.I., I havent driven it much in its condition right now (backfiring) becuase of fear of hurting the F.I. so i dont know what kind of mileage it gets now but the P.O. said when it was running great up until november of 04... then it started having these issues was getting 28mpg easy from Carson city to reno everyday. but the backfiring is usually starts at midrange... i never had it up above that to know if the power curve dumps or not... im thinking the dizzy might be too far retarded... so we'll see. I'll do a timing check tommarow. Did the valves before i went to work... still was backfiring... so .. ill keep you informed...  Valves , Points, timing, Plugs , what else??? luckily i didnt chuck all my F.I. stuff from the 68 Fasty i had... YAY!!! 

Trevor Cleveland
69 Fasty "Donoald"
68 Square "Bonnie"
71 fasty parts car

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