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Re: [T3] Stainless steel braided brake lines

[[[So I believe you when you say that your new stainless lines made a 
noticeable improvement, but I think it's important to remember that this is 
a comparison between an OLD rubber hose and a NEW stainless hose. I just 
believe that you would have noticed the same improvement if you had 
installed new rubber hoses. ]]]

Actually, I have experienced this. I replaced my perfectly good and only 4 
year old flex lines ( 5 of them) on my 1996 Impala SS with braided steel 
lines (I took off my 4 calipers to coat them, so I figured I'd 
upgrade).......The difference in brake pedal firmness is 
amazing!.......there was no air in the system that I knew of before I 
started, the brakes had never been previously serviced, and at the time the 
car had only about 10k miles on it........like I said, amazing difference 
in pedal firmness......I did not notice a difference in pedal response 
height (to indicate that I may have had air in the system before 
disassembly). Even now (since I don't drive this car alot) when I do get in 
it, I have to remind myself to go easy on the brake pedal at first (even 
though my GM daily driver has 4 wheel disc, too).  Believe me when I say: 
the 5 SS lines DID make a difference in pedal firmness...........certainly 
good "seat of the pants" feel........

Dave Pallo
Hers: '72 Square (in process)
His: '96 Impala SS....Sunny Sunday's only

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