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Re: [T3] T3 - More questions

On 10 Feb 2005 at 20:14, GUNLOCK, GARY G LT (CV63 DECK First LT) wrote:

> Where can I get back up lights? I can see where a couple holes in the rear
> bumper probably mounted them at one time. 

They are the same parts as used on beetles of the same years (68- the end of 
production?) Or you could get some from a parted out type 3 in this country. I 
don't have any, but someone here must.

> The other issue I'm having now that I'm driving it in Japan is that it
> doesn't have enough power to get up some of these hills. It just bogs down
> and never gets any revs up until I get it going on the flat. I've got two
> single-barrel Webers on my '68 SB. Not sure if they're stock or something the
> previous owner put on there since this is my first SB. Any ideas as to
> adjustments, or could it be something else? 

Your US '68 originally came with FI. The webers are an aftermarket add-on and 
there's no telling whether they are jetted nicely. My first suggestion, 
however, would be to check the distributor advance mechanism. Is it working?

> I also just tried to order almost $1000 worth of body rubber and seals,
> etc, from WCM, for when I have the body straightened and painted after
> this next couple months underway, but to no avail. It seems they only
> ship UPS and don't have an e-mail address to write to them and ask
> whether or not they'll ship normal mail. 

Their web site gives an international phone #: 310.325.0005. That might be a 
way to get an email address.

Jim Adney
Madison, WI 53711-3054

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