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Re: [T3] Noise, pulley etc

On 10 Feb 2005 at 11:27, Daniel Baum wrote:

> > all that oil in there indicates that eather your breather isnt working
> > properly or your rings are shot.  The fan housing should be dry.
> Thanks Keith,
> I would (very) tentatively go for the first option. My car does not
> "consume" oil, or smoke from the exhaust. If the rings were shot, I think
> you'd expect both symptoms, wouldn't you?
> On the other hand, I have never done anything to the breather. I have a new
> breather box ready to install, as the old one is completely missing it's
> downpipe (!). While the car is laid up I could remove the whole thing, clean
> it out, change the gaskets, etc.
> I understand you need a special tool to remove the breather box from the
> base. Can it be done without it, or should I order one?

The rotation of the fan will pull air from the center hole and throw it 
outwards, even though the actual fan blades are on the other side of the fan 
and this side is "smooth." While this normally doesn't make for much airflow, 
your "center hole" is much bigger than stock (must be better, eh?) so you've 
been getting extra airflow there.

The tail end of the case is always a bit wet on old engines, and the front face 
of the fan housing is, too. If you're missing your normal '69 downpipe, you 
would have even more oil in that exact area.

So I'm not surprised that you got more than the amall normal amount of oil 
pulled into the housing. I don't really see an oil problem there.

It's often hard to get the breather box separated from the stand, so my general 
pattern is to just change the breather box and stand together. Otherwise you 
need to buy or make a tool. That bolt is quite tight, and makeshift methods 
don't work well.

The breather box you want and need is the one which has a slight jog in it, and 
no small hole at the bottom/side. To work with this, you also need the fill 
pipe which has the little vertical nipple that reaches up to connect to the 
downpipe. You'll also need the short piece of hose to connect those 2 pieces.

Jim Adney
Madison, WI 53711-3054

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