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Re: [T3] Distributor Drive Question

I didn't measure it but from memory it was a few mm.  Certainly much more than I
would expect for random variation.  If it had been clipped to #1 lead, I would
definitely have readjusted the timing.  Mine idles steadily - no hunting around,
so I don't think distributor wear would have come into it.
I suppose about 1/8" would be about right for 2 degrees, as the 10 degree mark
is maybe 5/8" from TDC (mental estimate - it's raining here at the moment!).  I
just remember noticing it wasn't lined up, and realising it was the 'mythical'
retardation on #3 that we had often spoken about.
Someone else confirmed they had observed it for themselves maybe 6 months ago on
the list, but I think it's something you have to notice for yourself to believe!

#2 and #4 are trickier as there's no set position for 180 crank degrees out from
the normal timing mark - could certainly compare them, and make a shrewd guess
compared with the position on the balance moulding.

Interesting that Russ has found a definitive reference to 2 degrees; a lot of
the comments I've seen in the past have said 3 degrees - maybe that's true of
the Bug.

UK VW Type 3 & 4 Club
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> On 9 Feb 2005 at 23:52, Dave Hall wrote:
> > I didn't believe it either, Jim, until I actually tried the spark on no. 3
> > checking the timing.  It's certainly retarded on mine compared with no. 1.
> > enough to take a look next time you've got the timing light out.  '71 dual
> > on twin carb 1600 original un-messed with engine.
> I thought I'd done that, but I'll have to try it again. OTOH, it might just be
> in the carbed engine, although I can't imagine why.
> There is also the possibility that there is a bit of manufacturing tolerance
> wear in that cam, too. Have you compared # 2 to # 4? That would give us some
> idea of the tolerance.  To be sure of this, we'd need several consistent
> samples.
> How much distance on the pulley rim does this retard amount to? Wasn't this
> supposed to be 2-3 deg?
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