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emergency brake, for disc brakes. ( was: [T3] Stainless steel braided brake lines )

On Feb 9, 2005, at 3:15 PM, James Montebello wrote:

I expect whatever rear disc setup he or the PO installed doesn't have a parking brake. This is all too common with aftermarket disc setups.

It has the mechanism for the e-brake, but I'll have to fabricate a cable guide that works, the ones it comes with are too short. [ and get a replacement cable, as the PO somehow shreded one. ]

Also, it doesn't look like there's really any room for
the cable to run properly.  If I recall correctly
it now needs to pull in a different direction than

I think the Kit was for a Type I, probably for dune buggies,
as it was purchased from an off road store.
I never found a Kit with parking brake for a Type III
[ when I was looking to solve the cable issue. ]

It would probably be cheaper and easier to go back to
drums, but there are some alternatives.  Wilwood sells
a mechanical spot caliper made specifically for
handbrake applications.  You'd really only need one on
one side to operate as a *parking* brake.  As an
*emergency* brake, two would obviously be far better.

It would be nice to solve the parking cable issue for the short term, without redoing the brakes.

however advice from this list was also that
the rear disc brake kits were useless, since
they were no longer balanced with the front brake
you would lock up the rears and get less overall braking.

OTOH, you could upgrade the front brakes,  get some sort
of pressure balancer for the brake lines, and go
do a bunch of testing and get your brakes balanced.
then you would have something worth bragging about.


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