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Re: [T3] Distributor Drive Question

On 9 Feb 2005 at 7:48, garram1@swbell.net wrote:

> I've got a '68 Squareback that the PPO set up with Weber ICTs.  It runs ok, but only 
> ok.  I'm currently using the stock 205 L fuel injection distributor but with the vacuum 
> advance disabled.  I've collected all the correct parts to convert this engine to dual 
> solexes ('67 spec).  I would have done the conversion already but when I set out to 
> do it I found that the distributor would not fit.  It would go in of course but it couldn't 
> be properly timed.  At some point someone moved the distributor drive.  It looks to 
> me as if the drive is off by 1/4 of a turn.  The vacuum can on the '67 distributor hits 
> the fan shroud.  Bentley says that it can be removed with a magnet.  Mine seems to 
> be stuck.  I also tried wedging a wooden dowel in the hole in the middle (removed the 
> spring first of course) but that didn't work either.  Is this normal?  Should I buy a 
> removal tool like this:  

> http://www2.cip1.com/ProductDetails.asp?ProductCode=ACC%2DC10%2D7060

> Is there a trick to this that's not in the manual?

It's common to find the drive gear installed wrong, because it goes in 
differently for type 3s, while most mechanics were used to type 1s. Chances are 
that if you check a type 1 book, you'll find that this is the way yours is 

If it's installed wrong, I'm surprised that your 205L could be set up right. 
I'd expect that to have the same problem.

A couple of drive gear hints:

NEVER turn the engine over in the normal direction with the distributor out. 
This can lift up the drive gear and then push it sideways, jamming it in the 
case. Just turn the engine backwards and you'll have no problem.

You can buy that special tool, or I use a kind of large snap ring plier that 
has serrated jaws on the outside. Just stick the jaws in the slot, squeeze the 
handle to spread the jaws, and lift & turn. It's often a bit of an effort to 
get that part to come up and out smoothly.

When reinstalling the gear, reach down the hole first, with a long rod, and 
center the washers that are down there. Just poke the rod thru all the center 
holes and then wiggle it around until everything is lined up. Don't knock those 
washers off, or you'll be tearing down the engine.

The 205L dist has a nice mech adv curve, so it will work fine with your dual 
carbs, but I understand your desire to make this all correct for a '67.

The drive gear angle shown in all the books is not quite right, but, with the 
number of teeth on this gear, the position that's right is the one that is as 
close as possible to that picture that everyone uses.

Jim Adney
Madison, WI 53711-3054

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