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Re: [T3] another question - engine assembly

So I am confused about these nuts. I appear to have two styles, both fit the studs. The first is a regular nut that fits a 15 mm socket. The other is larger and fits a 19 mm socket. The other difference is the larger nut has a relieved area on one surface suggesting that there is something that is suppose to recess in there, like perhaps a small plastic thingy. I don't suppose these plastic bits are still around?


At 8:52 PM -0600 2/8/05, Jim Adney wrote:
On 8 Feb 2005 at 23:46, Jens Vagelpohl wrote:

 Please correct me if I am wrong, but from my (non-T3) experience
 rebuilding T-1 engines in the mid to late 80s I distinctly remember the
 nuts that were provided by VW to go with the cross-crancase bolts
 having a plastic insert that you were supposed to mount facing the
 crancase. This plastic insert protruded from the nut and provided the
 seal, it got compressed during tightening.

Your memory is correct. The nuts with the plastic inserts were introduced in
'70 or '71 but the engines that came with them also got the O-rings which had
been introduced a few years earlier. I'm not actually sure whether the late
nuts were meant to reduce oil leaks or to lock the nuts in place. They actually
seem to do both.

The one disadvantage of those late nuts is that you are only supposed to torque
them to a lesser torque. I prefer to use the higher torque and Loctite.

The early (plain) nuts were used with flat washers, while the late nuts used no

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