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[T3] door alignment

The doors on my squareback had some rust issues, a previous owner had cut
holes for speakers, the gaskets were totally shot, and teh vent wing window
rattled on it's top pin. 

I picked up some doors off a '72 or '73 from Dennis-not the right color, but
the gaskets were in great shape, and they didn't have any holes in them. 

Unfortunattely the door check piece was broken-but I was able to pull the one
off my door for a replacement. I noticed the rubber bumper that goes on this
thing was no longer there. It appears as though the only solution is to
replace this thing. Are these made any more?

Now to the more bizarre question...aligning the door. The only way I get the
door to hit the latch properly entails putting a cardboard shim behind the
latch-so that it sits off the pillar a little bit. 

I watched the door as it shut-and the c shaped piece on the door hits the top
of the mushroom shaped piece on the pillar. Shimming the piece on the pillar
out-moves it so that it catches properly. I checked Bentley-and there is no
way to align in this direction. Any suggestions?

also i noticed that the door pull on the interior does not connect the same as
the original. any work arounds...

'71 sqbk
'65 bus
somerville, ma

'65 Kombi
'67 rusty squareback
somerville, ma

Ride it When you need to

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