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Re: [T3] Noise, pulley etc

> Was this in the bottom of the pulley housing?
> What did the fastener look like?

It reminded me of the little clamp that holds the accelerator cable. It was
round with a hole through it and a slot on one end. Didn't really look at it
very closely, but I kept it so I can take a photo of it tomorrow if you
like. Could it have fallen off from somewhere inside the fan housing?

I still doubt this was what was maknig the noise; the noise decreased as rpm
rose. If this was being thrown about that wouldn't happen, IMHO.

> If you bolt the fan back on, you could start the engine and run it briefly
> to check to see if the noise was gone. I realize that it might be hard to
> with the muffler off, and it might also upset the neighbors.

I've only just moved in here. My neighbours probably think I'm a bit weird
when they see me under the car. I think I'll pass on running the engine
without the muffler. I'll just carry on taking it apart and see what there
is to see.

> > Done. As I have it off I want to clean it up and make the timing hole
> > again. Anyone have any tips as to how to do this?
> Clamp a piece of flat steel in a vise, .... [snip]



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