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Re: [T3] Noise, pulley etc

On 8 Feb 2005 at 19:04, Daniel Baum wrote:

> It's off, as is the pulley housing. It didn't rain this afternoon so I took
> advantage of the dry floor. There was a washer and some kind of small
> fastener in the bottom of the housing. If this is the reason for the noise
> then I have done a lot of unnecessary work, but I doubt it. One thing I
> noticed is that one of the heat exchangers is able to swivel on its thread.
> I am pretty sure I tightened it up properly when I installed the muffler (I
> had a special wrench made) and so hopefully I just knocked it loose as I
> wrestled the muffler out of the car.

Was this in the bottom of the pulley housing?

What did the fastener look like?

If you bolt the fan back on, you could start the engine and run it briefly just 
to check to see if the noise was gone. I realize that it might be hard to hear 
with the muffler off, and it might also upset the neighbors.

> > > - Then I should be able to remove the pulley housing (question: is this
> > > right?)
> >
> > Right.
> Done. As I have it off I want to clean it up and make the timing hole round
> again. Anyone have any tips as to how to do this?

Clamp a piece of flat steel in a vise, steel piece sticking out the side. Slide 
the fan housing over the steel with the hole facing up and the steel under the 
hole. Tap the topside down with a small hammer and work slowly. I find that I 
can generally make these quite nice again with just a little work.

Jim Adney
Madison, WI 53711-3054

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