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Re: [T3] Noise, pulley etc

> > - I will remove the muffler. The advantages of it not being there far
> > outweigh the half hour it will take me to get it off. I am not being
paid a
> > flat rate fee for doing this after all.
> Sounds reasonable to me. We'd probably both do it differently if the
> was old and everything rusted together.

It's off, as is the pulley housing. It didn't rain this afternoon so I took
advantage of the dry floor. There was a washer and some kind of small
fastener in the bottom of the housing. If this is the reason for the noise
then I have done a lot of unnecessary work, but I doubt it. One thing I
noticed is that one of the heat exchangers is able to swivel on its thread.
I am pretty sure I tightened it up properly when I installed the muffler (I
had a special wrench made) and so hopefully I just knocked it loose as I
wrestled the muffler out of the car.

> > - Then I should be able to remove the pulley housing (question: is this
> > right?)
> Right.

Done. As I have it off I want to clean it up and make the timing hole round
again. Anyone have any tips as to how to do this?

> > - After the pulley housing is off I should be able to get my electric
> > wrench onto the pulley bolt. ...

> You'll still need to lock up the engine when you torque that bolt back in.
> needs 92 ft-lbs. ...

This will have to wait till tomorrow. I know I will have to lock the engine
to tighten the bolt, but the less times the better.


> > Does this sound reasonable?
> Yep!

Game on!


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