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Re: [T3] Noise, pulley etc

<x-charset windows-1255>> > > Pull the boot, lock the flywheel, break the bolt loose, pull the tin
> > > outer pulley together, pull the outer fan housing, pull the fan with a
> > > puller, replace the missing bolts.
> >
> > And R&R the muffler?
> >
> > Or can you leave the muffler in place if you pull the fan and fan
> > together?
> You can get them off if you pull them out together.

Thanks everyone. After having another look, here's the gameplan:

- I will remove the muffler. The advantages of it not being there far
outweigh the half hour it will take me to get it off. I am not being paid a
flat rate fee for doing this after all.

- Then I should be able to remove the pulley housing (question: is this

- After the pulley housing is off I should be able to get my electric impact
wrench onto the pulley bolt. According to Russ this should be able to crack
the bolt open without jamming the torque converter. I would rather do this
the least possible to avoid any possibility of breaking something.

- Take off fan housing and fan and find out what's rattling. Do whatever
needs to be done to fix it.

- Put everything back together putting the muffler back on last, after the
new rubber intake housing which I now need.

Does this sound reasonable? I won't actually be able to do any of this until
the weather improves. While I can work on the car in my new garage while
it's raining, the floor still gets wet, and actually lying on my back behind
the car in a pool of water for an extended period is beyond the call of
duty.  If I were to park the car backwards (engine towards the inside of the
garage) this wouldn't be a problem, but then I'd probably need extra


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