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Re: [T3] Noise, pulley etc

On 7 Feb 2005 at 13:32, Daniel Baum wrote:

> I started serious work on the problem this morning. I tried the screwdriver
> thing, and I am pretty sure the rattle, which is now a loud banging, is
> coming from the fan. The first thing I did was check the torque of the
> pulley bolt, once I'd found a way to jam a big screwdriver in the torque
> converter to hold the engine still. It seemed OK, so I think we can rule out
> a loose pulley..

Use a stiff wire, bent into an appropriate shape, to "wipe" the pulley housing 
under the pulley, where you can't see. Sometimes you get a stone in there, and 
you can usually get those out with the wire and some care.

Have you tried shaking the fan housing? Can you tell if it is loose at all? My 
bet is still on the 2 small screws there that have come loose.

> Then I removed the rubber air intake. Despite being only about 3 years old,
> this was both baked hard at the bottom, and stuck under the muffler, and it
> ripped when I tried to take it out, so I'll need a new one. I next undid the
> pulley housing bolts, but it won't come out yet. In the archive, Greg
> mentions removing the pulley and housing together; is this with the muffler
> installed?  Other than this, I can't see any way of getting the pulley
> housing off with the muffler in the car.

Sorry, but I'm afraid the muffler is going to have to come off. The good news 
here is that all the bolts are unrusted so they should come right out. Leave 
the muffler attached to the upper heat exchangers and take them all off 

You don't have to install the pulley and housing at the same time, but you 
can't install the pulley after the housing is in place.

I have air intake boots if you can't find one locally.

Jim Adney
Madison, WI 53711-3054

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