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Re: [T3] another parts number question

On 6 Feb 2005 at 21:02, David Sanderson wrote:

> I have two pressure plates for my 1500. One has part number 211 141 
> 025 A and the other 211 141 025 B. The former is an F & S model typ 
> KX200 while the other has no manufacturer markings unless the small 
> stamped LUK indicates a manufacturer. The former appears identical to 
> the one identified in my official type 3 workshop manual.

VW assigned different part numbers to different designs of pressure plates. 
Since different manufacturers often used different designs they usually got 
different part numbers. F & S is Fichtel & Sachs. LUK is LuK (I don't know any 
more about them.)

My '68 came with a LUK pressure plate. I thought the design was esthetically 
much more pleasing than the F & S designs, but my LUK PP had a mechanical 
design flaw that meant that it wore out in just a few years. The problem was 
that there was very little area where the force and pressure was the greatest, 
at the pivot points, so those points wore, and a little bit of wear there 
rendered the PP useless.

> I understand that the flywheel from a type 3 6 Volt system is 
> slightly smaller than the 12 V flywheel. However, the clutch plates 
> appear to be the same size. That is, the pressure plate appears to 
> fit either of my flywheels. Is this correct?

There are 2 different clutch diameters, 2 different thrust bearing interfaces, 
and 2 different ring gears. So....

There are 3 different pressure plates:
	180mm with thrust ring (not used on type 3s?)
	200mm with thrust ring ( -'70)
	200mm without thrust ring ('71-3)

All versions had variations made by each manufacturer.

Jim Adney
Madison, WI 53711-3054

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