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Re: [T3] Noise, pulley etc

<x-flowed>One major reason why Im a big proponent of removing the motor. I could of had the motor out, taken the whole fan, muffler system off, checked stuff along the way and put it all back in 3 hrs. Alone. You might not be a super man smart guy like me so help may be in order. : ) And yes I would of probly done this if the rear bolt was just loose.

Last time I had to do this was when the fan half/case bolt came out and wedged into the back of the fan and housing. I tried for 2 hours to dislodge it only to remove the motor and have it done in another 2 hrs. ; (


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Subject: Re: [T3] Noise, pulley etc

> I had another look at my engine, and I now think it is possible that > the
> pulley itself has come loose,
> The fan shroud is not loose apparently.

You should be able to just reach in and shake the pulley to see if it is
Have you tried the screwdriver in the ear trick to try to pinpoint the
of the noise?

I started serious work on the problem this morning. I tried the screwdriver
thing, and I am pretty sure the rattle, which is now a loud banging, is
coming from the fan. The first thing I did was check the torque of the
pulley bolt, once I'd found a way to jam a big screwdriver in the torque
converter to hold the engine still. It seemed OK, so I think we can rule out
a loose pulley..

Then I removed the rubber air intake. Despite being only about 3 years old,
this was both baked hard at the bottom, and stuck under the muffler, and it
ripped when I tried to take it out, so I'll need a new one. I next undid the
pulley housing bolts, but it won't come out yet. In the archive, Greg
mentions removing the pulley and housing together; is this with the muffler
installed? Other than this, I can't see any way of getting the pulley
housing off with the muffler in the car.

I'd much rather not have to remove the muffler if possible, because I've
only just put it in! Hopefully once everything is apart the reason for the
noise will become obvious.


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