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Re: [T3] Fired up the Square

On 6 Feb 2005 at 9:41, Dave Pallo wrote:

> I too live in the snow belt, so I have to store gas powered equipment per 
> seasons........I leave all fuel tanks full and always use sta-bil additive 
> that gets run thru 'em even before the last tank full.......but as far as 
> my air cooled yard equipment, they get the oil drained just after last 
> running...a new filter installed...then they sit all winter empty. (I 
> figure the amount of steel components submerged in old dirty oil is not 
> worth leaving old oil in for startup.) Adding new oil before spring startup 
> is my season oil change. I read once that opened oil looses some of it's 
> lubricating properties after time, so I don't add new until startup. Being 
> able to start the motor with fresh, clean, new oil works for me!

I haven't heard this, but it may still be true. I doubt it, though. The main 
reason for draining the old oil is to get rid of the water and acids which are 
combustion byproducts and can attack the internal metals. For that reason, I'd 
go with the fall oil change rather than the spring one.

> Also, I pull the plugs before storage and squirt alotta motor oil into each 
> cyl. and crank it over to distribute it thru........

Definitely a good idea.

> Now, my Impala is a different story....that gets the same gas treatment, 
> but I leave the coolant in it during the winter....therefore the oil stays 
> in it too.....this way I start it up monthly and let it warm up to 
> temp........but it's also in a 50 degree garage all winter.....

I have mixed feelings about frequent starts. It's probably good on some parts 
and bad for others. Bad for the exhaust system, for example, because water 
vapor will condense there and cause rustout if the system never got hot enough 
to boil out the condensed water.

Jim Adney, jadney@vwtype3.org
Madison, Wisconsin, USA

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