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Re: [T3] Rattling windows

Thanks.  This is one of those duh! moments.  I didn't
have the window open all the way, but as soon as I
did, I could slide it forward enough to see the tabs. 
The electrical tape sounds like a suitable fix.


--- Hal Sullivan <tristessa@frys.com> wrote:

> At 10:13 AM 2/6/05, James Montebello wrote:
> >Can anyone enlighten me on what's under there, and
> >advise on the best way to repair it?
> The hinges are a couple of curved metal tabs that
> fit into slots in the pillar.  The
> tabs are supposed to have rubber sleeves over them
> to proide a tighter fit and
> prevent the rattle you're experiencing.  Most likely
> is that those sleeves have
> worn out/fallen off on that side.  New sleeves don't
> exist, used ones are scarce.  
> There's a guy in Florida who's trying to get them
> reproduced but since there's 
> no ETA, don't hold your breath waiting.  
> Take the window out, wrap the tabs with some
> electrical tape.  There's some 
> trial-and-error test fitting involved to figure out
> just how *much* tape to use,
> and it's not an ideal fix, but should get you down
> the road.. 
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