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Re: [T3] Fired up the Square

I havent heard this... leaving exposed metal parts would be worse anyway.
One thing I should add to my previous post is that gas will be OK for 6
months IN THE WINTER... you leave it in your snowblower for 6 months when
the temperature is higher and the chemistry takes over.  I dont trust any of
that gas stabilizer stuff... snake oil in my opinion but then again, Im not
a chemist.
I read once that opened oil looses some of it's
> lubricating properties after time, so I don't add new until startup. Being
> able to start the motor with fresh, clean, new oil works for me!
> Also, I pull the plugs before storage and squirt alotta motor oil into
> cyl. and crank it over to distribute it thru........

The issue with your Impala will be the ABS,   ABS cant sit... it will cause
problems.  I dont know if they use DOT 5 in it or not but from what Ive
heard it would lend me to think that they dont.


> Now, my Impala is a different story....that gets the same gas treatment,
> but I leave the coolant in it during the winter....therefore the oil stays
> in it too.....this way I start it up monthly and let it warm up to
> temp........but it's also in a 50 degree garage all winter.....

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