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Re: [T3] front fender rust

 Is this pin close to impossible to remove?

YES it is.  oil it up... mine took a couple years but it came free again.
Heat it all red hot and that will free it up too but be careful/

If your seeing rust there you have bigger problems on the other side of that
seam at the rear seam of the fender IN the fender well.  To do it right you
remove the fender (they come right off) and scrape off all the failed
factory undercoating and sandblast and paint that seam then reseal it with
RTV.  A more practical approach (and you can do this with the fender on) is
to get back in that seam from the wheel well and scrape out all the factory
undercoating (it may merely be cracked but salt gets in that crack and works
its way underneath the undercoating).  THEN blow or brush in some oil,
topped off with a layer of wheel bearing grease.  The Grease will keep the
oil from washing away and be very effective against rust.
    DONT use POR 15 here... you cant get all the rust out of the seam and
you need something that will penetrate the rust and work its way into the
seam, POR 15 will merely cover the seam and leave the rust working in there.
POR 15 fails astoundingly quickly in such an application, peels up and holds
even more rust and dirt in there.


> I also noticed that the seam on the fron fenders right behind the hinge is
> now easily accessible.and it is showing some signs of rust. I was thinking
> of putting some anti rust something or other on there-Por15 or something
> like thatmaybe pinchwel primer?

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