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Re: [T3] '69 Fastback purchased

> > I checked Temperature Sensor I (in the head), here are some readings I
> > 1588 ohms - outside temp ~62F, engine cold
> > 1300 ohms - outside temp ~70F, engine cold
> > 0530 ohms - started car for a minutes to check "hot" reading
> >
> > Temperature Sensor II read:
> > 350 ohms - outside temp ~62F
> > 200 ohms - car was "hot" as above
> >
> > Temperature Sensor I seems low based on this thread:
> > http://listarchive.type3.org/archives/2001/february/msg00042.html
> >
> > Are the specs in Bentley?  I didn't see them in the Fuel System section.
> I don't think the Bentley shows them, but they might be in the info column
in the FI system check list. Bosch just gives 3 resistances at each of 3
temps for each sensor.
Where is this check list?  I did find a value of 2500 ohms in the listing
for using the FI tester box on the head temp. sensor.  There is no outside
temperature correlation.

> > Replace Temperature Sensor I?  If yes, should I buy new (~$20) or ?
> I forget, is your charging system voltage up to normal now? If not, fix
that first.
Yes, I have a new regulator that reads over 14v at the battery.

> Check to make sure that all 4 cylinders are firing, as that can waste
All 4 are firing according to my timing light and a visual check.

> Make sure that the pressure sensor hose is attached at both ends.
It's is.  The hose is older but I trimmed the ends so they are tight.  I did
notice the adjustment screw is not sealed so hopefully no one adjusted it.

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