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RE: [T3] Welder questions ( wire or stick)

Here is the link to the unit I believe you were talking about:


Can somebody with a bit more knowledge give some info on duty rating.  I
understand that it limits the welding time, but I wondered  how much and
what amount of time is needed in between welds.  Basically an idiots
guide for an idiot.  :O

I've been contemplating getting something myself and think a cheapo,
115v unit like this for small jobs would suit me.  If I become master
welder guy I can always upgrade.


Raul Ruiz
68 Squareback
Pleasant Hill, CA


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> Subject: Re: [T3] Welder questions ( wire or stick)
> For sheet metal work, esp. auto body sheet, you don't
> want to use stick.  Stick works well on relatively
> thick sections, but will often burn through thin
> sheet. 
> A real MIG welder (w/gas) is probably the best bet,
> though it's not cheap (expect $500-600).  The gasless
> wire-feed welders make lots of smoke, leave a good bit
> of after welding cleanup to do, and generally make
> big, ugly, spattery welds.  They have the big
> advantage of being cheap.
> An alternative is to go to the Eastwood catalog and
> check out their stick/stitch/spot welder kit.  This is
> a stick transformer with a pair of attachments, one of
> which does "stitch" welding, which works better for
> short welds on sheet.  The other is a spot welder than
> only requires access to one side of the panel ("real"
> spot welders require access to both sides).  The spot
> welder can be one of the best ways to attach panels
> together, esp. if you're trying to make your repair
> look like a factory job.  This complete setup is about
> $250.
> --- Kevin Howlett <kevinhowlett@bellsouth.net> wrote:
> > Would a wire welder, or a Stick welder work best.  
> > When I get ready to 
> > weld on the  front apron on my 73's square.  I also
> > plan welding the 
> > trim holes up in the body panels on my square.   I'm
> > trying to decide on 
> > which one to buy.
> > 

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