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Re: [T3] Welder questions ( wire or stick)

For sheet metal work, esp. auto body sheet, you don't
want to use stick.  Stick works well on relatively
thick sections, but will often burn through thin
A real MIG welder (w/gas) is probably the best bet,
though it's not cheap (expect $500-600).  The gasless
wire-feed welders make lots of smoke, leave a good bit
of after welding cleanup to do, and generally make
big, ugly, spattery welds.  They have the big
advantage of being cheap.

An alternative is to go to the Eastwood catalog and
check out their stick/stitch/spot welder kit.  This is
a stick transformer with a pair of attachments, one of
which does "stitch" welding, which works better for
short welds on sheet.  The other is a spot welder than
only requires access to one side of the panel ("real"
spot welders require access to both sides).  The spot
welder can be one of the best ways to attach panels
together, esp. if you're trying to make your repair
look like a factory job.  This complete setup is about

--- Kevin Howlett <kevinhowlett@bellsouth.net> wrote:

> Would a wire welder, or a Stick welder work best.  
> When I get ready to 
> weld on the  front apron on my 73's square.  I also
> plan welding the 
> trim holes up in the body panels on my square.   I'm
> trying to decide on 
> which one to buy.
> Thanks,
> Kevin Howlett
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